We as JEMS take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as experts in Skill Development sector, with experienced management, having sound knowledge & strong information network across India with all funding bodies. Our Team is having an experience of more than 15 years in Skill development / Education industry. We are having expertise in almost all the Skill development program of INDIA.

Observing the boom in skilling sector of India and understanding the need of support and assistance to project execution agencies; instead of getting and implementing projects directly JEMS preferred to assist and support existing PIAs (Project Implementation Agencies) with its expertise and worldwide network of experts. JEMS designed a comprehensive assistance mechanism for the agencies that face certain issues and challenges on regular basis during Sourcing/execution of projects.

JEMS deeply work on the Business development of the client which is a mixture of selling services and marketing of the services. Job roles themselves are very diverse, but effectively business development is about seeking new opportunities to profitably grow the business or specific accounts.

JEMS provides responsive professional services to discriminating customers who are seeking comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Our services are provided in the context of the “big picture,” but with significant attention to detail.

JEMS is having a management from the core area of skill development and has proved records on the subject of 15 years.

JEMS apply big business knowledge and experience to a small business owner’s unique needs, from providing short-term small business advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, a consultant can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best.

JEMS after combining invaluable experience of management consulting as a consultant to business, with five years of business experience and a personal entrepreneurial perspective, can provide you a competitive edge over other players in your sector.

JEMS helps you to improve your business through various tools of business development, which are tested and trailed with proven records in the skill development industry.

JEMS brings growth strategies to your business, improving the quality and consistency of your company’s results in a global, technology-driven economy.

JEMS serves as a one-stop resource for growing companies that need competent support, but don’t have the time, personnel, or inclination to search out and manage multiple resources across different business disciplines.

During its regular and rigorous communication with various PIAs from throughout the country we observed below points, which should not be ignored, if we, the people of India really want to contribute in skill development mission:

  1. There are various NGOs/VTPs or Private Sector players who are empanelled with Ministries, got their PRN from MoRD, partnered with NSDC etc. but still they are not getting the projects, even the intimation from relevant departments.
  2. During our study, it was also observed that only few giant private sector/civil society players are getting huge numbers/targets.
  3. Such big giants, however is also not competent enough to single headedly manage their targets and number of beneficiaries allocated to them.
  4. Because of above reason they look for small players who because of any reason (Turnover, Infrastructure, Previous experience, lack of information, lack of liaison, lobbying or follow up etc.) don’t get the direct projects from GoI.
  5. Apart from above mentioned issues small/medium sized organizations also face certain challenges in understanding the scope of project, project requirement, mobilization, placement linkages, technological requirements, bidding procedures etc.
  6. So the main objective of this JEMS is to address all the issues mentioned above in coordination with various stakeholders and to facilitate the organization in sourcing on new assignments.
  7. Such giant companies (as mentioned in point – 2 above) use to pay small part of funding to small organizations, while keeping a handsome part of funding with them; which actually impacts the quality of training and associated efforts negatively.