We offer support services that are highly in sync with the emerging market trends. Along with the grace of PAN INDIA presence, we also have engagements with different schemes under GOVERNMENT OF INDIA that are being implemented for the promotion of the Skill Development Mission and we intend to help other institutes, schools, colleges, & Educational groups to achieve the same. Also, there are several state government projects which can be implemented through us.

We, JEMS guide to harness the possible business opportunities in Skill Development Industry, for example: Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Urban Development, NSDC – National Skill Development Corp., Sector Skill Councils – SSC, etc. In this connection JEMS will be extending its services for promoting the brand in the specific sector.

Keeping this in consideration, we have come up with our research & consultancy services to provide support the organization who wanted to participate in the skill development mission or looking to move ahead in the field of Skill development.

Roles and Responsibilities

A. Marketing Team

Approaching the team to get detailed information about the project. Making the client aware about all the minute details of the concerned project and our process flow.

B. Operations Team

Provision of accurate documents within the given time frame. Preparation, Verification and submission of file.

Values of JEMS

  1. Experienced Management with a handsome knowledge in the field of Skill development for all the 18 ministries who are participating in skil development Mission.
  2. + 15 years of experience in the field.
  3. Good Linkage in the multiple sanctioning bodies.
  4. Tested & trialed tools of the field.
  5. Providing a gateway to Government funded schemes
  6. Endless business opportunity
  7. Growth Strategies
  8. Hassle free Affiliation Process
  9. Consulting in a climate of trust.
  10. Open and honest Communication.
  11. Fairness in our dealings with all parties on individual basis
  12. Delivery of an effective and affordable service to our clients.
  13. Providing a service that improves the performance of our clients.
  14. Active involvement with the upliftment of people and communities.